Design studio GalartintL creates unique interior designs in New York City. All our projects combine comfort, functionality and elegance in every line. We subtly feel the character and state of mind of each of our clients.

Design studio GalartintL

Who are our clients?


Our clients value their personal time and are ready to order an interior design project in which every detail will be worked out.

What do we offer?


Professional design services for the implementation of projects of respectable mansions, small country houses, apartments and commercial real estate. Each project is an exclusive author’s work at a fair price.

We feel the customer


Any novice designer is capable of developing a visualization project for a planning solution using modern technology. Surprisingly, such a layout will even match the chosen style. What won’t be in it? Comfort, life, individuality. In our interior design studio, they know how to listen to the client. Each project bears the imprint of the customer’s personality. In close cooperation, we give birth to home comfort and functionality of each room.

Design studio GalartintL

We show creativity and individual approach


Typical solutions? It’s boring! If you need a creative interior, then we will develop new ideas for you. Our solutions will never be repeated in other projects. In each project, we show unique approaches to solving problems.

We provide a professional pace of work


We solve all problems quickly and professionally. What helps? Extensive experience working on complex projects, including the redevelopment of apartments in different neighborhoods of New York. We can develop a complex layout design especially for you!

Design studio GalartintL

We always offer multiple options


When we design interiors, we always offer several solutions. Small nuances of planning can be decisive for the client. He can always choose the best option in GalartintL. We offer: advice on materials, assistance in choosing furniture, architectural supervision over the implementation of the project. We are always at the service of our customers!

We offer the best prices


The interior design of an elite apartment cannot be cheap. Cash in on a wealthy client? It’s not in our rules! We value our style, reputation and offer reasonable prices. That’s not all: long-term cooperation with stores selling furniture and finishing materials allows us to receive serious discounts for our customers.

Design studio GalartintL

Dreaming of redesigning your home or office? Planning to realize a dream of a lifetime? Order a project in our studio and enjoy all the benefits of working with professionals!