Techno style in the interior

If you feel free and comfortable in the realm of fragile glass, hard metal and heavy concrete, then you will definitely like the techno style in the interior! This design is suitable for bright and creative individuals who always leave room for dynamics in their lives. Let’s discuss how to create a techno-style design. Also, let’s talk about what nuances you should pay attention to first.

Techno style in the interior

The history of the techno style in the interior


Technological progress in recent decades has come a long way — from huge black-and-white televisions to functional and weightless smartphones. Of course, this has also affected interior design, since the techno style has the most direct relation to technology.

It is believed that the techno style in the interior appeared around the 70-80s of the twentieth century. This period was distinguished by the dizzyingly rapid development of technology, which also affected human values. We can say that there has been a reassessment of them — many began to put in the first place not at all home comfort and comfort, as it was before, but urbanization, technology and even futurism.

Characteristic features of the style


The features that make it possible to uniquely identify techno interior design include the following:

  • The predominance of clear lines and shapes.
  • Laconic and strict color scheme.
  • The most modern and functional household appliances.
  • Practical furniture, not burdened with intricate design.
  • Open communications.
  • An unusual but harmonious combination of plastic and concrete, glass and metal.
  • Futuristic in the choice of lighting devices.
  • The principle of minimalism in terms of decor and accessories.
  • Spiral staircases, metal structures in the form of shelves and the like.

Techno style in the interior

Advice! Aluminum ceilings in living rooms look unusual — they fit perfectly into interiors with techno design. Many people believe that such structures belong only in bathrooms, but such a view is somewhat outdated. Today, aluminum ceilings in the house speak of the good taste and progressiveness of its owners.

Primary colors


The techno-style interior is characterized by an abundance of the following shades:

  • Grey and silver.
  • White and dirty white.
  • Bronze.
  • Dark colors — khaki, brown, marsh, bordeaux, red, blue, anthracite.


Very often novice designers think that only strict and discreet shades are suitable for techno. However, this is not the case at all. You can perfectly combine bright colors with different textures and materials, for example, glass, steel, aluminum. Don’t be afraid to experiment and express your individuality and creativity in design!



Techno-style stands out with a thoughtful and functional approach to lighting. Firstly, there should be a lot of light. Secondly, designers often use an interesting technique when light rays effectively intersect. In this way, you can not only illuminate the space, but also place accents.

Techno style in the interior

You can decorate the premises with a variety of lamps of various shapes and sizes. If you want more creativity, then take devices that mimic professional flashlights for photographers mounted on plastic and metal tripods. Pay special attention to the spotlights, they can be beautifully rotated in different directions, adjusting the angle of incidence of light.