Retro style kitchen

The retro-style kitchen is the exact embodiment of the entourage of bygone eras. In order for the time machine journey to be successful, it is important to explore all areas of original design. Our article will help with this.

Retro style kitchen

Who likes retro interior design


The introduction of trends from the past is a rather bold decision. Therefore, the retro style is close to creative people who want to show imagination and embody unexpected ideas.

And the design will also appeal to those who like to be nostalgic and mentally transported to times past. The harmonious interior of the kitchen will give a feeling of comfort and tranquility. Dreaming in such an environment will be much more pleasant.

Color solutions for design


Stunning retro interiors are all about unexpected color combinations and non-trivial accents. Typical colors for decoration: brown, red, black, white, light green, mint, cherry.

In some areas of design there are bright juicy colors: orange, blue, yellow, blue, pink. It is not necessary to combine all these shades in one interior. It is enough to choose 2-3 leading colors and create an amazing ensemble from them.

Before proceeding with the design, study all the directions of style. Each era has its own characteristics, which are important to consider. Let’s figure out what trends were popular in the past decades.

Retro style kitchen

Kitchen in the style of the 20s


In the 1920s, two design trends were at the height of fashion: English and American. The first was distinguished by deliberate luxury, the second by conciseness.

The “English” room in the style of the 1920s is characterized by massive wooden furniture: a corner or straight set with carved decor, a kitchen island, and a bar counter. The design is dominated by shades of brown. Bright colors should not be used – they distract attention from furnishings.

In America, kitchens were decorated much more restrained. The atmosphere could include soft armchairs, chairs with high backs, miniature tables, hanging cabinets. Particular attention was paid to lighting fixtures. Huge chandeliers with colored glass shades were popular.

Design inspired by the 30s


Uncomplicated shapes, smooth lines, discreet colors, original electrical wiring are the hallmarks of the era of the 30s. Then the emphasis was on functionality, so the kitchens were designed as simply as possible.

At that time, leather and wood trim was very popular. You can also safely use natural materials for decoration. But with artificial materials, you should be more careful – they are difficult to fit into the concept of the direction. Stained glass inserts, colorful heavy furniture, light facades are the attributes of a cozy kitchen of the 30s.

Retro style kitchen

Colorful interiors from the 40s


In the difficult war and post-war years, people did their best to create a cozy atmosphere in the house. It was in the period of the 40s that they began to actively experiment with the shades and shapes of objects.

For a 40s trendy kitchen, opt for muted hues that are the perfect backdrop for bright accents. For decoration, you can use metal, wood, ceramics.

Experiment with the shape of furniture, fittings, decor. Introduce interesting textures and unexpected combinations of materials.