Plant decor

Natural materials play a special role in interior design, especially flowers of megacities appreciate living greenery. Professional decorators love plants because they selectively bring any space to life. In addition, indoor plants will last longer for these purposes than freshly cut flowers. In addition, they improve air quality by reducing toxins and filling them with wonderful aromas.

Plant decor

If only cacti are observed from plants, and even those dry out after a couple of years, you can use it for decorative artificial plants. High-quality stocks of European production, at first glance, do not differ much from natural foliage, and their feature of enlivening the interior is no worse. In this article, we will look at different ones that will help you make your home more comfortable and unusual.

Properly arranged indoor flowers make any room cozy. Greenery relieves eye fatigue, this is important for those who work at the computer.

Carefully approach the choice of plants, especially if you have children and animals at home – many flowers are poisonous.

Plant decor

Placement of ornamental plants in the apartment


The most familiar place for indoor plants is a good eastern window sill. But if you want to go beyond the trivial options, then you can consider other ideas.

Advice! Indoor flowers are beautifully depicted on the table, on the floor or in hanging pots. And one of the halves in the bathroom can be allocated for a vase.

When choosing an ornamental plant, one should proceed from two main aspects – lighting and a place that is salvation for him. Finding a place for small plants is much easier than for sprawling ones. But if you like large forms more, you should not be upset. And in a small apartment, a large plant can look advantageous, increasing the space.

Green bathroom decor


The two main indicators of indoor coverage are lack of light and high humidity. Half of the problems disappear. If necessary, plants that love shady places and high air yields.

Plant decor

If you don’t have time to take care of your flowers, buy a planter with automatic watering. It can maintain the temperature for up to several months.