Hollywood style in the interior

Hollywood style is known for its charm, drama, and sophisticated twist on old classics. The early 20th century Regency is the perfect combination of glamorous past and elegant modernity. This style uses a minimum of furniture and a maximum of decor.

Hollywood style in the interior

The direction originated and took shape in the Golden Age of Hollywood: from the 1920s to the 1950s. Design is used to create an environment of luxurious comfort that invites guests to stay for small talk. However, the origins had a different purpose: real interiors created a beautiful picture in a film frame and helped reveal the characters of the main characters.

History of Hollywood style


Hollywood Regency makes a bold impression. It is an exquisitely hospitable destination with decorative elements that are both innovative and inviting. Static is not typical for him, and there is an explanation for this.

Film composition principle


The style is based on the principle of building a film composition. Shooting on black-and-white film required visually effective screen delivery techniques. Dynamic contrast is one such technique.

To get a black and white picture in modern image and video processing programs, it is enough to remove color saturation. Here lies the answer to the question of why the interiors for the cinema were made so bright. For footage in gray tones, contrast was in the first place.

Hollywood style in the interior

The production of the first color film was fraught with many difficulties. Only in the 1930s did technologies for natural color reproduction appear, but they were also accompanied by color separation problems due to structural reduction in light output, film shrinkage and spatial parallax. It was not possible to convey the real color saturation, so they squeezed the maximum brightness out of them.

The Hollywood Regency has gradually made its way into American homes, thanks to the popularity of key elements:

  • Bright patterns.
  • Low sofas with a carriage screed.
  • Furniture silhouettes from the past.
  • Stucco with Greek and Egyptian motifs.


This direction is stylistically updated every decade and gains new fans. They are attracted by glamor, implicated in artistry and the bold disclosure of an emotional beginning.

Glamor is an aesthetic phenomenon of bewitching hedonism with an admixture of fashion and escape from reality into the world of cinematic pictures. The word became popular in the 1930s and 1950s, when the American dream factory was in its heyday.

Hollywood style in the interior

Features of modern Hollywood style


The taste of famous designers was one of the factors that set the framework for the Hollywood regency, but not the only one. The decorators’ vision was based on historical styles and principles of screen delivery. Having inherited the accumulated experience, modern specialists continue the tradition of Southern California glamor, which has received clear signs. Based on them, it is easy to start your own experiment in creating a space in the spirit of a dream factory.