Gazebo with BBQ

The most delicious meat and vegetables are obtained on the grill, and always in the fresh air. You can set up your own seating area at any suburban area of ​​​​a medium area – a gazebo with a barbecue will not take up too much space. In addition, this house will be a great visual accent of your garden, drawing attention to itself.

Gazebo with BBQ

Choosing a place for a gazebo


The construction of a gazebo with a barbecue or barbecue for a summer residence or a country house begins with choosing the right place. Both personal wishes and recommendations of professionals matter here – everything must be taken into account.

Personal preferences may include:

  • You want to see the nearby lake from the window of the building.
  • Next to the gazebo, you need to install a playground with swings.
  • The dining area, which will be in this building, should be built near the main one-story house.

Gazebo with BBQ

Advice! Not only the place matters, but also the orientation of the gazebo in space. So, half-open gazebos should be placed so that a solid wall protects from strong winds.

You should also take into account the view that will open in front of vacationers. For example, a parking area is not the most aesthetic sight. Of course, the owners can immediately see who has arrived – this is convenient. But on the other hand, there will not be enough solitude and tranquility in such a place.

Here are a couple of ideas suitable for choosing a place:

Not far from the kitchen. If the building has a stove, then it is supposed to hold feasts in it. Organizing them will be easy if the kitchen is somewhere nearby. It is even better if the kitchen has everything you need: a sink, a cutting table, a refrigerator and other amenities.

At the top of the hill. From there it is convenient to admire the view around. But it is worth taking a closer look at the appearance of the structure, because the gazebo itself will become very noticeable.

When planning the location of the gazebo, consider how it will look from different points on the site.



There are many materials for the manufacture of gazebos, but wood, iron and brick have proven to be the most reliable.

Each of them has its own advantages:

  • Wooden models cost less and are quick to build, with a few exceptions. They do not require a very massive foundation during construction. And their main advantages are their beautiful appearance, as well as a delicate natural aroma.
  • Brick and natural stone are fire resistant materials. They are ideal for all-season buildings if glazed. By the way, such gazebos rarely need restoration. But buildings made of brick and stone are heavier, they need a solid, good foundation.
  • Metal structures are also durable and fire resistant. Despite the heavy weight, the forged gazebo will look light due to openwork. But it won’t protect you from the wind. It is worth ordering such models if you need a small summer house in the garden.

Gazebo with BBQ

Conclusion. The advantages of different materials can be used to the maximum if they are combined in one building. For example, the walls can be built of stone, and the interior of the gazebo can be made of wood. Another option is to use glass and glued beams, together they look harmonious.