French style hallway

The atmosphere of home comfort, warmth, rural romance and nostalgia… This is how the French-style hallway greets guests. Let’s go into its details.

French style hallway

Who will suit the hallway in the French style?


It is suitable primarily for those who, for the rest of the rooms, also preferred the French style or directions close to it. Otherwise, the Provence-style corridor will stand out too much and bring disharmony into the overall interior.

The romance of the “French village” will appeal to those who appreciate simplicity, comfort, natural materials, cute handicrafts and the atmosphere of the south of France. With light finishes and abundant lighting, this style is good for decorating small and narrow spaces. In addition, it is quite simple and inexpensive to implement it.



Under the prolonged influence of the southern sun, the colors in the houses gradually faded, turning into translucent, light pastel shades.

Basic colors for the interior in the Provencal style:

  • White.
  • Cream.
  • Lactic.
  • Beige.
  • Mint.
  • Light lemon.
  • Peach.
  • Light blue.
  • Pale pink.

Advice! Stick to no more than three to four colors in the palette. This will help you avoid overdoing it.

French style hallway

In spacious hallways, you can experiment with a darker background – gray, purple, blue, olive. The main thing is that the shades are matte and slightly muted. Black is present only punctually: in furniture fittings, lamp details, carpet ornaments. Furniture and accessories can be painted in shades reminiscent of Mediterranean landscapes.



The optimal and practical solution is to cover the floor with plain ceramic tiles in light or terracotta shades. If you need an ornament, then traditional black diamonds on a white background are well suited.

It is important not to overload the space visually: if the tiles on the floor are patterned, then the ceiling and walls should be plain and with a minimum of detail.

Advice! Dirt and dust is less visible on tiles of sand or beige shades, unlike, for example, milky and black.

The second popular flooring option for the hallway is parquet or solid boards made of natural oak, pine. A slightly worn and slightly aged surface will give them a special chic. This can be achieved independently with the help of tinting with a patina effect. But do not overdo it so that the floor does not seem sloppy. In country houses, natural stone covering in the corridor becomes a continuation of the exterior.



Things are easier with him: plaster and whitewash, or paint. The border with the wall is connected with a neat white gypsum plinth without complex patterns. If you want the atmosphere of a Provencal country estate, decorate the ceiling with wooden boards and decorative beams. Paint them in the same light colors as the walls.

Advice! To give the ceiling a unique texture, paint it with a roller or brushes with a long pile.

French style hallway

Glossy, overly bright and complex surfaces are not suitable for decorating a Provencal-style hallway. Therefore, plastic panels, stained-glass windows, mirrors and bulky hanging systems should not be used. But in the conditions of an apartment, a stretch matte canvas can be a simple and budgetary way.

Advice! If wooden boards are chosen for the ceiling, then limit them to the decoration of the walls and floor so that the hallway does not turn into a dressing room.