English-style office

English style is a conservative, but not losing its popularity trend. If you decide how to design a study in a private house, apartment or office, be sure to pay attention to it.

English-style office

Advantages of the design of the cabinet in the English style


English style is a direction that is not suitable for everyone, but for which there is always a demand. Moreover, a considerable (if not the largest) share of this demand falls on people who want to design offices, and not other rooms, in the English style.

The English direction has an interesting feature. On the one hand, an important rule of style is restraint and non–congestion. On the other hand, all the decoration, furniture and decor should be of high quality and, frankly, quite expensive.

As a result, well-designed cabinets seem to convey the idea of the high status of their owner. It seems that the person who owns the office does not need to prove anything to anyone. He has everything: confidence, means, taste, awareness of his position.

The nonverbal message of high status and power is read not only by other people (which is usually especially important – business partners), but also by the owner himself. Offices in the English style are often chosen by people who have recently overcome a new height: they were promoted, bought a private house and so on.

This is not surprising: for any person, understanding that the owner of a luxurious office is himself is a way to feel his confidence. In particular, it is an opportunity to realize, accept and get used to your new position.

English-style office



English-style offices are more often decorated in dark or neutral shades, so it’s easier to focus on work and let go, or sometimes even hide from the noisy world around them. The direction is especially suitable for people who are aware of the influence of dark tones on themselves.

However, an English–style office is not necessarily a brown tree, although this option is the most popular and in demand. Think carefully about which color scheme and light level will suit you best. Some prefer bright offices with white walls.

The main principles of design


British offices are designed according to the same principles as other premises, but with some reservations. Firstly, the design of the cabinet in the English style involves less decor and curved elements: patterned plaster panels, paintings in carved frames and other things. Secondly, the working space should be stricter than living spaces for recreation and leisure. Nevertheless, the basic rules of the British style are universal.

English-style office



Main materials: dark wood, natural fabrics, leather, plaster, stone. Plastic, glass and metal in English-style interiors look alien. Sometimes you can use imitations, but they don’t really fit into the idea of style.