English style bathroom

Before thinking about the arrangement of the bathroom in the English style, you need to pay attention to several important points.

Firstly, the English style is rather a unifying name for several narrower directions. The bathroom can be decorated both with the use of gilded carvings and lush chandeliers (elements of the Victorian style), or more modestly and minimalistically (modern English style).

The main principles of designing an English bathroom:

Use of natural materials and high-quality analogues.

  • Symmetry and abundance of straight lines.
  • A sufficient number of authentic decorative elements.
  • Use only natural tones.
  • Stylized pieces of furniture and plumbing.
  • Equipment of several light sources.

English style bathroom

Materials and finishes in an English bathroom


Finishing materials in all rooms should be of high quality and natural, but when designing a bathroom, you can slightly deviate from this rule.



There are several options for floor design. The most popular are plain ceramic tiles in two colors, which are usually laid in a checkerboard pattern. Brighter Victorian tiles are also used. The main advantages of this solution: practicality and low cost. You can use tiles in neutral tones: with imitation of stone or marble.

In a large bathroom, you can lay a carpet on the floor: this will make the room.

Sometimes parquet, laminate or natural wood is laid on the floor, but this may be less practical. All surfaces in the bathroom often come into contact with water and can deteriorate over time. This will definitely not happen with tiles!

English style bathroom



An obligatory feature of an English-style bathroom is a horizontal combination of materials and patterns when decorating walls. There can be two or three tiers in rooms with high ceilings. At the same time, the third tier, as a rule, is white, sometimes with plaster moldings.

Walls in bathrooms can be catchy, with an abundance of small elements and decor.

English style bathroom



Ceilings in all English-style rooms must be white. When choosing a material for a bathroom, the question arises whether the ceiling will deteriorate due to exposure to water. Some designers offer suspended aluminum ceilings. Such a coating is suitable for a small bath, but the surface should look very natural and not be glossy.