Techno style in the interior

If you feel free and comfortable in the realm of fragile glass, hard metal and heavy concrete, then you will definitely like the techno style in the interior! This design is suitable for bright and creative individuals who always leave …

English-style office

English style is a conservative, but not losing its popularity trend. If you decide how to design a study in a private house, apartment or office, be sure to pay attention to it.

English-style office

Advantages of the design of the cabinet

French style hallway

The atmosphere of home comfort, warmth, rural romance and nostalgia… This is how the French-style hallway greets guests. Let’s go into its details.

French style hallway

Who will suit the hallway in the French style?


It is suitable primarily for those who, …

Chinese style gazebo

Oriental style is always something mysterious, a little mysterious. Perhaps that is why Chinese style is so popular in America. One of the areas where Chinese culture has penetrated is suburban areas. Owners of country houses and dachas often install …

Hollywood style in the interior

Hollywood style is known for its charm, drama, and sophisticated twist on old classics. The early 20th century Regency is the perfect combination of glamorous past and elegant modernity. This style uses a minimum of furniture and a maximum of …

Design of a small children’s room

The task of parents and the designer in arranging the children’s room is a safe ergonomic space. From a technical point of view, it is more difficult to create a cozy interior for a small children’s room. Limited space makes …

Plant decor

Natural materials play a special role in interior design, especially flowers of megacities appreciate living greenery. Professional decorators love plants because they selectively bring any space to life. In addition, indoor plants will last longer for these purposes than freshly …

Retro style kitchen

The retro-style kitchen is the exact embodiment of the entourage of bygone eras. In order for the time machine journey to be successful, it is important to explore all areas of original design. Our article will help with this.

Retro style kitchen


Gazebo with BBQ

The most delicious meat and vegetables are obtained on the grill, and always in the fresh air. You can set up your own seating area at any suburban area of ​​​​a medium area – a gazebo with a barbecue will …

Baroque bathroom

Baroque is the time of demonstrative luxury. During its inception, reality was perceived as a stage for the embodiment of the most fantastic ideas. In the modern world, this direction has also found admirers. Therefore, we understand how to design …

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