Baroque bathroom

Baroque is the time of demonstrative luxury. During its inception, reality was perceived as a stage for the embodiment of the most fantastic ideas. In the modern world, this direction has also found admirers. Therefore, we understand how to design a bath in the Baroque style. To equip a bath according to the rules of baroque in our time is a reality that should look like a king.

Baroque bathroom

Baroque design


The palace interior always resembles a work of art. Symmetry is important in everything: furniture, layout, placement of objects and plumbing. In the bathroom, you need to follow the same tradition.

Traditional baroque differs from other classical interior styles in color. It is dominated by beige, sand, brown shades, ivory, white with gold or silver.

In the setting, objects with smooth, curved, swirling contours are used. For lighting, massive crystal chandeliers are more often chosen.

Finishing materials:

  • A natural stone.
  • Decorative plaster.
  • Ceramic tile.
  • Metal and textiles.

Baroque bathroom



The room should be not only attractive, but also functional. Therefore, in modern apartments, the bathroom is increasingly decorated in the neo-baroque style, combining the main principles of the direction.

Neo-baroque involves the use of more accessible materials, stylized as natural. Instead of crystal, you can choose plastic, instead of marble – its imitation. This is typical not only for the bathroom, but also for the stone finish of the kitchen.

Features of neo-baroque furniture


Furniture upholstery is also made from more budget fabrics. For example, velor or velveteen. But this does not mean that the situation looks less attractive than in the classic version.

Neo-baroque headsets are twisted legs, curved backs, an abundance of decorative elements. The traditional furniture of the kings is also not losing popularity. Tables are usually decorated with carvings and decorative overlays. Upholstered furniture is covered with expensive moisture-resistant fabric.

In the bathroom, most often they put a couch, ottoman or chair. Such items will fit even in a small room.

Baroque bathroom

Emphasized decorative style


In the Baroque era, private and guest rooms were carefully decorated to emphasize the status of the owner of the dwelling. Nowadays, the bathroom decor is harmoniously complemented by vases with floral ornaments, figurines, mirrors, grandfather clocks, various paintings, caskets, candelabra.

Baroque, like the Rococo style, always remains relevant. Majestic, as if from old novels, the interiors do not lose their charm over time. Given the specifics of the style, you can furnish any bathroom relatively inexpensively and tastefully.