Antiques in the interior of a modern apartment

Antique furniture, passing by inheritance, has always been greatly appreciated. Such items for the quality of performance and expensive materials. But how to fit such beauty into a modern interior? For several decades now, all eminent designers have been racking their brains over this. In this article, we will tell you how to harmoniously combine the past with the present, and what antiques can be used for this.

Antiques in the interior of a modern apartment

What is antiques?


Antiques are considered antique items that are more than a century old. Items over 20 years old are commonly referred to as vintage.

As a rule, antique furniture is made by hand from natural materials. It is much stronger, more reliable and looks more majestic than modern counterparts. And a bold combination of antiques and the XXI century will add individuality to your interior.

Moreover, the older the item, the higher its value. The exclusivity of such items contributes to this, because the second such thing may simply not exist. Therefore, many people try to buy antique items, restore them and make them the main element of the interior.

How to use antiques in the interior?


Antiques should be functional and appropriate for a modern lifestyle. Therefore, choosing antique elements in your interior, decide on the purpose of the item, and choose a place.

Large wooden objects are best placed closer to the wall. Conversely, very small and long ones should be placed in the center in prominent places. You should not put several massive objects next to each other at once, this can create an unnecessary association with the museum.

It is also popular today to combine items from 2 completely different styles. For example, you might have modern nightstands with antique floor lamps.

Antiques in the interior of a modern apartment

If you intend to use a large amount of antiques in the interior, then use the 60/40 rule (60% modern and 40% antique, and vice versa). However, in the latter case, you should be careful with the color scheme, because antique items, as a rule, have rich, dark shades.

Advice! If you are just starting to collect antiques, most of your furniture and decorative items are new, which means that the 60/40 rule will be difficult for you to follow. In this case, 20% of antique items will be enough for you.

If the item has any cracks or chips, repair them yourself or entrust it to professionals. And the furniture can also be updated: paint, add new upholstery to the old frame, replace the handles and varnish.