Dear Clients!

Design studio GalartintL was founded in 1998 and during this period has gained an excellent reputation in the interior fashion market.

We provide a full range of services: from architectural solutions to interior design. We are engaged in individual study of all details.

Having reviewed all the wishes for our work, we have completely changed the approach to our clients by signing a contract with one of the most famous Italian interior design companies Anarlemo Maruni. Now our clients receive a complete turnkey project. Today, GalartintL not only imports the product according to the project, but also delivers the project on a turnkey basis, with construction and finishing. Sometimes we really want to show off our projects, but we can’t put all projects in our portfolio. We respect the privacy of our clients.

We sincerely thank you for choosing our company. We are aware that your choice must be earned. We will continue to make every effort to justify your trust. We are always pleased to see you again, this proves that the work of all employees of the company completely suits you. We are pleased when you recommend us to your friends. From year to year we develop and open new directions. We strive to bring to life all your wishes and projects.

Thank you.
Sincerely, Yours
Tom Swith.